THE RESULTS ARE IN: What was your first food for your baby?

24% (13) avocado
16% (9) banana
0% (0) barley cereal
9% (5) oat cereal
0% (0) pear
51% (28) rice cereal
3% (2) squash
9% (5) sweet potato
3% (2) other

Total Votes = 54

Wow, it’s obvious that most people fed rice cereal first, but look at the wide variety. If you chose other or have any comments about the food you chose, please share in the comments.


TIP OF THE DAY: Freezer Cubes

When you’re making food cubes to store in the freezer, save yourself some materials. Freeze them in regular ice cube trays, but put them inside of large freezer bags that you will use for storing in the freezer once you pop them out. This saves the extra piece of foil, cling wrap, or wax paper that you would have used to cover each tray.