Frozen Yogurt Bites

Ok, warmer weather is on the horizon. We love making our own cool Smoothies and Summertime Yogurt Pops, but here’s another quick idea for Frozen Yogurt Bites. Mix up whatever flavors you like best and freeze away. I could see freezing these in individual batches so you can just pull out a batch for the kids (and probably yourself) and enjoy a nice, cool treat!


Source: Uploaded by user on Pinterest

NOTE: After seriously going back down the line to at least 50 different pinners, I have yet to find the original pin. If anyone knows the source, please let me know and I will give credit.

Peanut Butter Balls

I made these yummy High Protein Energy Balls from Maryea at Happy Healthy Mama this week. I put them in the freezer while I got the boys dressed and put a few in our cooler on the way to meet the cousins at the park. The boys and I each enjoyed them for a quick playground snack.


What could be better for a fun-filled, energy-packed morning of activity than peanut butter and protein? Yum!

Summertime Yogurt Pops

Well, it’s not officially summer, but it sure has been hot around here. The boys are enjoying lots of fruit, playing in the water, and drinking lots of water, too. We decided to change up snack time a little this afternoon and instead of a smoothie, we made some yummy frozen strawberry yogurt pops. If you have a mold, then the rest of the ingredients are probably already in the fridge. Even without a mold, you could use ice cube trays or any other small containers and even add some wooden popsicle sticks or plastic stir sticks.

Strawberries (or fruit of your choice)
Ice cubes
A splash of milk

I simply eyeballed the ingredients and threw everything in the blender and added more of any ingredient as it blended. I only made a small amount, so it really was just a few frozen strawberries, a couple spoonfulls of plain, whole yogurt, a good dollop of honey, a few ice cubes, and literally a splash of whole milk. How’s that for exacting?

Pour the mixture into your molds. Insert sticks and freeze. Remember to let them sit out a bit before trying to remove the pops so you don’t end up breaking them upon removal.

Toddler Timing Tip: Make and freeze these with your toddler as a morning activity. Then, they will be perfectly frozen and ready to go for an after nap afternoon snack!


The boys took a little while figuring out they preferred licking and eating the pops and not playing, dripping, and dropping them everywhere. By the time we made it to the end of the tray (yes, they finished them all off), they were loving them and wanting more!