Well, It’s 2010 and I’ve been making my boys’ food since they were 6 months old. Actually, I started sooner than that and stored it up in the freezer until they were ready to start. I’ve read a lot, experimented a lot, and learned a lot along the way. My plan is to continue making even more interesting foods for them as they grow into toddlers and document my weekly events along the way.

You may wonder what made me want to start making their food. Well, lots of people are doing it…yes. It’s healthier for them…yes. It saves money…yes. But, really, it’s because I like to be in control. If you know me and you’re reading this right now, then that’s a real shocker, huh? I wanted to make their food so I would know what was in it, I would know how much to make, and I could prepare and store it in my own way. I also wanted my boys to learn how to eat different foods and I was afraid with limited baby food options, that I wouldn’t have that control either.

No, I am not a “cook” by any means. I try to make meals at home and am ok in the kitchen, but I don’t know much about making things from scratch or how to prepare gourmet meals. I like my crockpot. I like my microwave. And, I don’t own many kitchen “gadgets.”

So, here goes…my 52 weeks of making food for my boys simply because I like to be in control.